What is it?


Norfolk Cordial sources exceptional produce from British growers, to make what are most probably the purest & finest fresh-fruit syrups in the UK.

Predominantly focused on providing a soft drink option for adult consumers in on-trade establishments such as pubs and restaurants, and for caterers to serve at functions, Norfolk Cordial is user-friendly, consumer-friendly and can provide GP margins to establishments in excess of 90%.

Norfolk Cordial is user-friendly because it is quick to serve, easy to store and creates a consistent drink every time.  With a simple single-measured pour across the flavour range, the cordials are as easy and quick to serve as most other drinks behind a bar.  The flexibility and creativity that a cordial provides is unrivalled; our syrups can be served in still, sparkling or tonic water, hot water, sparkling wines, cocktails, by the glass or by the jug.  Dressed with fruit, herbs and flowers, or settled at the base of the glass, its presentation can be elevated to compete with the best looking cocktails on any menu.  Suddenly the wine looks boring in comparison and the soft option is anything but a cheap kid’s drink.  Norfolk Cordial is a celebration not a consolation for the alcohol-free consumer.


How it’s made


The fruits are slowly and gently cold-pressed using hydro pressure.  The fresh, raw juices are filtered to remove any sediment and then carefully blended to create the perfect flavour balance.  The clear juice is then mixed with British sugar and citric acid in small batches and stirred by hand.  At no point in the process do we use heat to maximise yields or efficiency because it is that raw and fresh flavour, smell and colour which elevates our syrups to a point where they can deliver a truly remarkable experience. There is no doubt that our production method is simple and somewhat primitive, but without the application of complicated processes and large batch volumes, we can ensure that we consistently produce a fresh fruit syrup of the highest quality, from the best ingredients available.


What sets us apart?


Provenance is our heritage; we began with our own homegrown fruits and hedgerow elderflowers, and made the cordials in saucepans in our kitchen!  It remains important to us and that is why our flavours always begin with a British-grown fruit. We use citrus fruits and ginger to help enhance these incredible British flavours, without dominating them.

Norfolk Cordial’s products are completely free from colourings, flavourings, preservatives, concentrates and added water because we believe that this ‘nudity’ exposes the true, unadulterated qualities of the botanical products we make the syrups from.  Ultimately it is this honest and uncomplicated approach that we feel creates a far more pleasing flavour, especially for an adult palate that tends to crave the clean and fresh notes more commonly associated with fine wines.  It is maybe this factor above all else, which epitomises our brand.  Our strawberry & lime cordial is most probably the best example of how the fresh ingredients we use can deliver a complete contradiction to somebody’s expectation. 

The colour, smell and taste of the syrups are so intense and fresh that Michelin restaurants across the UK choose to offer our cordials as their non-alcoholic option.

Giving the customer the choice


We have carefully considered our 8-flavour range to cater for many different palates and occasions.  Our syrups encompass the complete flavour profile from dry through to sweet (but certainly not cloying); some have a more masculine appeal whereas others definitely favour a feminine palate. 

The fresh, clean flavours of our cordials gently linger on the palate without over emphasising themselves.  This character lends them perfectly to being paired with fine food. The different cordials enhance different foods and dishes; the citrus undertones in the wild elderflower and elderflower & cucumber compliment white fish, light salads or grilled dishes, the raspberry is a beautiful accompaniment to fragrant dishes, lamb and duck, whereas the rhubarb, orange and ginger is the ideal beverage to enjoy with richer, sweeter foods such as salmon or cream-based pasta dishes.


Thinking from a customer’s perspective


We are not chasing the title of the world’s weirdest, novelty flavour combinations or inserting ‘bubble-gum’ flavours into coloured water.  Neither are we going down the well-trodden path of the tedious, big-brand options (summer fruits, orange, lime & blackcurrant).  

The inspiration for each flavour we create comes from our own tastes, smells, memories and imaginations. Our focus and belief is that the marriage of ingredients has to not only appeal to the senses on all levels (colour, taste and smell), but also, by about 3 sips in, become a flavour that has surprised and delighted the consumer so much so that they will want to experience it again.  We want our flavours to evoke memories and let imaginations run wild; the Strawberry & Lime suggests scorching summer days, blue seas, sunny skies and vivid birdsong, the Raspberry is a still, tranquil evening with floral blooms (honeysuckle, rose, lavender) rising from the garden whereas the Rhubarb, Orange & Ginger yearns for a crackling log fire and a good book.  Blackberry is desperate for a stroll down a country lane with hedgerows dripping in autumn fruit whereas Elderflower & Cucumber suggests a more refined, cosmopolitan affair such as afternoon tea at The Dorchester.



Our 750ml range has been specifically designed to be an easy, profitable and effective soft drink solution for on-trade establishments.


From pubs and restaurants to hotels, tearooms, event caterers and cafes, our cordials are a fantastic solution for both your establishment and your customers.


With a complete flavour range from dry through to sweet, the flexibility to create still and sparkling drinks and an allergen-free ingredients list, our cordials can be enjoyed by the majority of people looking for soft drinks.




Our 250ml range is our retail cordial range and is stocked in farm shops, delis, food halls, gift shops and village stores. 


The product has a good shelf life and can be stored at room temperature, which makes it a hassle-free product to stock.


Our retail cordials are purchased as boutique wine alternatives, for picnics, gifts, parties and cocktails but also as a regular grocery item.


Own Label


Norfolk Cordial also produces some bespoke own label ranges for a number of other brands.




We can also supply unpasteurized cordial in 5 or 25 litre containers for other manufacturing applications.


If you are interested in our cordials for wholesale and would like to find out more, please get in touch using the form below.

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